So it seems that floral crowns are just as popular as the traditional tiara these days.  I mean who wouldn’t want to wear flowers in their hair on their wedding day! They look absolutely beautiful and can be designed to match your colour scheme and bouquet perfectly.  I personally think that the boho wedding theme is such a lovely relaxed theme. Anything from a beach wedding to rustic woodland settings I think are truly magical.

If you’re really looking for a keepsake too then artificial floral crowns prove an amazing alternative option. Here at Flash Floozy, we stock everything from the oversized floral crown through to mini flower garlands. Plus, if you are really looking for something specific then we can custom make a crown just for you. You can contact us here for further details.

This brings me to the purpose of this blog post which is to share with you a few of our favourite customer photos. I get very excited indeed when customers send through their wedding pics. The fact that they have actually taken the time to send them through after the huge project that is their wedding, feels like an amazing privilege, like I have been on the journey with them.

Our first is a beach wedding with the lovely Andrea who got married bare foot in the sand (how wonderful!) in ‘Akka, Isreal. Andrea chose the ELSIE garland, a simple small ivory rose floral crown that set off her lovely wedding dress perfectly.

beach wedding floral crown

Photo credit: Lyndsay Lugsch-Tehle

Our second bride pics are from a wonderful lady called Alice who was an absolute pleasure to work with. Alice chose the PERLA leaf and ivory berry garlands for her bridesmaids but opted for a custom made crown for herself so she could tie in the colours from her bouquet. Her wedding was set in the forest which I think was the perfect setting for flower crowns.

woodland wedding floral crown

woodland wedding floral crownboho wedding floral crown

Photo Credit: Ellie Grace Photography

Our final pic for this post comes from a wedding down under. It’s amazing that our Flash Floozy floral crowns are worn all over the world!

Rachel is our bride and she chose the ELSIE pale pink flower crown for her four bridesmaids. It’s fair to say that they all look absolutely stunning. Their dresses and hair all look fantastic and the flower crowns are the final piece to complete the look. I love the way the floral garlands work with all the hair colours.

wedding floral crowns for bridesmaids

bridesmaid flower crownbridesmaid flower crown

Photo credit: Beata English

I hope this post helps if you’re considering a floral crown for your big day or even any event, or just because the sun is shining! (we don’t actually need an excuse to wear a floral crown!).

If you would like to see our full collection then please do have a leisurely browse here.

Don’t forget, if you can’t find what you’re looking for then please do get in touch and I’m sure we can help.





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